Nobody Poops Alone – The Duchess Doo-ing Some Collaboration!

Nobody Poops Alone – The Duchess Doo-ing Some Collaboration!
November 26, 2015 Duchess of Doo Doo

Dearest Digesters,

In the last couple months I have discussed the connection between my mind and gutconstipation and how it could kill you, and 4 ways to improve your digestion without changing what you are eating and many of you have engaged with me in an inspiring dialogue in which you have shared your own journeys towards health and wellness, connecting with me through email or my regular Periscopes. Your own stories have encouraged me to work harder than ever to learn more about digestive health and to provide you not only with as much support as possible, but with immediately actionable solutions that will address your challenges and hopefully bring you to a happier and healthier life. While our conversations are important, the time for simply talking is done. I’m so ridiculously excited to be able to announce that in collaboration with, my dear friend and nutritional therapist, Lydia Shatney I am finally able to bring you 30 Days to Vibrant Health.


I partnered with Lydia on this course with you specifically in mind because I knew it would serve you in the exact ways that you need in order to move your health and healing process to the next level. Not only will you become a better pooper, but you’ll improve your overall health. What excites me the most about this is, if you choose to do this course, you will not be alone. I will be there with you, by your side, to guide you through this process. I will help you beat down those butt demons (that’s what I call those agitating digestive concerns that give us anxiety and make us feel crazy) and answer any questions that you have along the way. I will also be able to show you easy, applicable daily habits that I have had great success with in turning my own health around.

30 Days to Vibrant Health -

Look at this beautiful banner that I made for it! Now you know I’m excited!

In the short time that I’ve began engaging with the community around me as Duchess of Doo Doo I have had many of my beloved #PoopTribe members asking for more and more content: they want guides, tutorials, courses, books, and even t-shirts! These are coming, but as I am building my reservoir of content and knowledge to share with y’all and as our community is growing I have decided to partner with this amazing woman who has been in this field for far longer than myself and has actually taught me personally to be a better pooper to bring you the most important first steps to better digestive health that we know.
Trust me, I know how hard it can be to try to explain to the skeptics when you propose going off the beaten path with your health. The fear of ostracization by friends, family, significant others or spouses can cause us to shy away from prospective solutions of which they know little but nonetheless disapprove. Have they done the research? If they had they would probably be singing a different tune.

How do I know? I’ve been there.

It’s tough to challenge an institution as established and entrenched within our society as mainstream diagnostic medicine. It has done so much for society at large and stands as one of the most remarkable human achievements to date. That is not to say however that it is infallible or that it provides all solutions to everybody.

In this article I will continue to tell you how I became your Delightful Duchess, how Lydia and I became friends and give you access to a couple of exclusive turd nuggets of information associated with 30 Days to Vibrant Health just for being a part of my #PoopTribe.

I have always considered myself to be a healthy person, even when I was sickest. I inundated myself with stories and “facts” from online publications like Women’s Magazine and WebMD as I not-so-secretly played the character of Dr. House.

Dr. House -

In my own life and friends would often come to me for advice regarding their own health. I lived a never-ending investigation of finding the right exercises, the right habits, and the right foods to consume. Not only did I want to feel good, but I wanted to look good. Yes my dear friends, my vanity was also a motivating factor, as I desperately searched for how to be as beautiful as possible without really trying; meaning, I didn’t want to have to resort to putting a lot of effort into cosmetics or styling myself.

Unfortunately my constant trials only led to tribulations. I hit a lot of dead ends in my journey and potentially even worsened my health and appearance at times for the sake of “self improvement.” Even at times when I thought I was doing what was best for my health or my beauty I was mostly spinning my wheels and I see a lot of people out there doing this: exerting a lot of effort and getting very few results.

That’s when I discovered what was getting in my way: the idea of SELF.

Do you know how to heal your body? Do you know what your body specifically needs? If not, in your desire to attain control, you will ultimately fail. Total control will always elude us. Our ego tells us that we can achieve anything we put our mind to through perseverance and active power of will, but if you do not have clarity or an effective game plan in mind, then you are only going to exhaust yourself and potentially spiral into an even unhealthier state than you currently are. This is what happened to me, but at least I did it with determination! Right?

Farmacy -

This is why it also generally doesn’t work to lay out a game plan with a Doctor. Most medical practitioners do not see what happens in your day-to-day life. THEY DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT YOUR POOP LOOKS LIKE! (and I have determined that they don’t like it when you go in there and plop one down in front of them). They also do not work with individuals on changing habits from harmful to helpful outside of relaying advice about what you shouldn’t do: “Stop smoking,” “Eat less red meat,” or “Lose 30 pounds” (as if it were that easy!). They are talented and knowledgeable when it comes to saving a limb or providing you with medication to deal with a chronic condition, but if you’re looking to heal your body from the inside out then you need to work with an individual or within a community that can show you how to change your every day habits from hazardous to healing.

Some people want these results, in which case this feel-your-way-in-the-dark approach may someday work for them, but other people NEED THEM NOW.


"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results" Albert Einstein -

And this is why it is so important to be willing to do something different if what you’re trying isn’t working. We as a society are fed a lot of mixed messages and a lot of blanket solutions. We all want answers and usually we are willing to implement the one that makes the most sense to us, or is the easiest to integrate into our lives. Sometimes easy can be a disheartening trap, another thing that might have worked for someone else but frustratingly does absolutely nothing for you. And sometimes it can be ridiculously simple, something that has been hiding in plain sight in front of your face this whole time, that with the right knowledge can become illuminated and make a huge difference in your life.

I believe that for those of you who NEED HELP NOW this course may be what you have been looking for.

In this online course, Lydia introduces a new simple step-by-step system to show you how to start healing your body RIGHT NOW so you can start feeling better, gain energy, clarity, tranquility and feel good in your own skin all in the next 30 days. If you aren’t experiencing gastrointestinal discomfort and are merely here as a fellow champion of open and honest discourse or an advocate for general wellbeing then there is a decent chance this course isn’t for you, but I want to tell you how Lydia and I became friends and how working with her helped to bring me to where I am today and hopefully encourage you to give yourself the chance to do something different for your health.

30 Days to Vibrant Health -

Here’s another helpful banner to remind you what I’m talking about!

Over a year ago I grew tired of doing this whole health journey alone. I finally managed to let go of my need for SELF. I had reached the point where I was so frustrated with my inability to make it happen for myself. Even though I had seen improvements over the years, I felt like I was in a holding pattern and I just couldn’t figure out how to get to the next level. I also was still dealing with a lot of anger and bitterness toward the fact that I had to change my health and habits at all. I wasn’t feeling the support I needed from my practitioners and I also didn’t have a community of like-minded individuals to walk down this path with.

That is when my friend, Lydia, presented me with a course called Heal Your Body. I had discovered her a few years ago through my research into digestive health when she was offering a course called Heal Your Gut. As soon as I found it, I signed up because my GUT is exactly what I had been dealing with for so long. I loved and trusted her content, and through our work together I came to love and trust her as well, so I knew that I could rely on her for support in the new Heal Your Body course. Lydia is blessed with a great understanding of the human condition; this not only allows her to decipher ailments and identify solutions for people in need of help, but it also led her to the discovery that individuals need more than just knowledge.


Together, we can do more -

Together, we can do more!

Human beings cannot grow alone and have the highest rates of success when working together (think about how programs like Alcoholics Anonymous are built for stability and support). The Heal Your Body course was a huge success in my life and laid the ground-work that I needed to develop easy to implement habits into my daily life and also support me mentally and emotionally as I processed those changes. I came from a place where I used to get heartburn after every meal, often followed by loose bowel eliminations and then a “food coma.” Now, just a little over a year later, I can consume foods that used to make me sick to my stomach-like ice cream! I can personally vouch for the fact that a world with ice cream in it is superior to one without it. I also have the knowledge and intuition as to what my body needs and when, something that I didn’t have before my work with Lydia.

Since the launch of the Heal Your Body course, Lydia has been able to expand her practice to support more individuals and through her partnership with me she has illustrated that despite her growth she remains dedicated to the principle that makes her work so successful: the power of community. It is because of her wealth of knowledge and wisdom in this area that I am who I am now, the Duchess of Doo Doo. This is why I am partnering with her, so that I can provide this already beautifully open community with more content and more support than ever.


You all mean so much to me, which is why I wanted to do something super special for my #PoopTribe here, so if you are one of the first 10 passionate individuals who want to change your life in the New Year, you will also receive the following 3 FREE books:

  • Broth: Elixer of Life
  • The Straight Scoop on Poop (I asked that this be included ESPECIALLY for YOU and it isn’t available anywhere else!)
  • DIY Herbal Coffee Substitutes: A complete guide to making delicious herbal coffees to support healing and stress relief


bonusbooks for 30 Days to Vibrant Health -

Hurry and sign up now, as I know these bonuses will disappear fast! I don’t want to come across as pushy, but when there is a super good deal like this out there, it just doesn’t last long and I want you to get it.

I’m thrilled that I am going to be beginning the New Year by engaging with, you, my community in this way. It really fills me up with joy to have the opportunity to share my knowledge and experiences with you. The course is only 30 days long, so it is completely manageable for anyone, no matter where you are with your health.

30 Days to Vibrant Health -

One last banner! Are you ready??

If you sign up for the course, you can do it knowing that Lydia and I will be there with you every step of the way: We will provide a Facebook group that will be available for 6 full weeks, so you can quickly find answers anytime you have a question or need some support as you work your way through what might be the life changing program you’ve been looking for.


When you sign up let me know RIGHT AWAY! I will schedule a FREE one-on-one 20minute Skype call with you. This is an exclusive support call for my #PoopTribe members. Not sure if you’re a member? Don’t worry, if you are reading my blog that means I consider you to be a member of my tribe! Thank you for your support <3.

As always, thank you so much for reading and engaging with me! Questions? Please leave them below in the comments, as someone may have a similar question to you, so I can answer it for you and them as well 😉

Diligently (and delightfully) yours,
The Duchess of Doo Doo


P.S. If you sign up over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend you can save $100 by using the coupon code “THANKS”


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